Who's on the chopping block?
Are you still making memes for any food network show? If so, can you do one on Cutthroat Kitchen?

um, no, probably not :(

i haven’t been watching much food network lately, and i also haven’t had much time to work on this blog. 

maybe i’ll get back into it one day, and if i do, i’ll make sure to keep cutthroat kitchen in mind because its pretty funny.

how would you feel if this was a food network related blog?

keep it chopped? or generalize it to food network?

GET BACK HERE! We need you!

Leave an ask with what episode you want me to use (use the list of episodes here) and I will make some gifs/screencaps/quotes/memes as soon as I get the chance!


submissions are welcome!

You have to keep your sack.
Scott Conant
my parents asked me and my sister if we thought marcus samuelsgksfg was attractive (aside from the fact that i hate him hes just not attractive) and were shocked when we both replied that we prefer geoffrey. but whatever, he a stone cold fox


These are some serious leftovers….

greco de gallo 

So we’re going to ignore the fact that Maria Velez was on an episode of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares? Ok.

Ok, this might be too much of the INTERNET, let alone Tumblr. But let's get this out in the open. I won't even go anon. I only watch Chopped episode with Geoffrey Zakarian in them. Aside from the fact he's my inspiration for being a chef I WANT TO FUCK THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF HIM. And people think I'm weird because I want to bang a 52 year old. But I would let him do what ever the fuck he wanted to do to me and them some and I'd do the kiniest shit to him. I HAVE NO SHAME!! ;3

I am sure a lot of people feel this way. I have a guy crush on him no homo and he is one of my favorite chefs on Food Network. 

Lets start a Zakarian Fan Club :)